HARP Habilitation (HAB) & Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR)   



It is the responsibility of the HAB/PSR provider to conduct a comprehensive functional assessment of the waiver participant, identifying the participant’s strengths and weaknesses in performing Activities of Daily Living (ADL) and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL) related to his/her established goals.


The assessment is the basis for developing a HAB/PSR goal plan that describes the milestones and interim steps necessary to attain these goals. The assessment must also include a determination of the participant’s manner of learning new skills and responses to various interventions. This comprehensive and functional assessment is conducted at least annually from the date of the last assessment.


HAB/PSR services may include assessment, training, and supervision of, or assistance to, an individual with issues related to self-care, medication management, task completion, communication skills, interpersonal skills, socialization, sensory/motor skills, mobility, community transportation skills, reduction/elimination of maladaptive behaviors, problem solving skills, money management and skills to maintain a household.


HAB/PSR services are individually designed to improve the ability of the participant to live as independently as possible in the community. HAB/PSR may be provided in the participant’s home or in the community. This service is provided on an individual basis. HAB/PSR must be provided in the environment and situation that will result in the most positive outcome for the participant. It is expected that this service will be provided in the real world, such as in the participant’s kitchen as opposed to an agency’s kitchen. This requirement addresses the difficulty many participants experience with transferring or generalizing knowledge and skills from one situation to another. 

Essentially, Habilitation (HAB) and Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) are the same concept. The differences can be shown as examples of supports offered in the home or supports offered in the community. Examples of in home (HAB) may be supports with budgeting and or bill paying, organization, meal preparation, housekeeping etc. Examples of (PSR) may be taking public transportation, grocery shopping, social interactions, banking etc.

As you might guess, these skills and supports are vital to a participants independence. Thus, KIGI focuses on what the person may need or want to work on. Goals may change as the participant achieves a goal or determines they want to refocus on other things.


Habilitation/Psychosocial Rehabilitation

Amy Leininger – Director of Day Services

Pamela Haymond – Manager of Habilitation / PSR 

Deana Tomlinson – Habilitation / PSR Specialist

Pam Karathomas – Habilitation / PSR Specialist

Grace Janikas – Habilitation / PSR Specialist


Amy Leininger
Pamela Haymond
Grace Janikas
Deana Tomlinson
Pam Karathomas