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Service Coordination

The Service Coordinator assists the prospective participant to become a waiver participant and coordinates and monitors the provision of all services in the Service Plan. Services may include Medicaid State Plan services, non-Medicaid federal, state and locally funded services, as well as educational, vocational, social, and medical services. The goal is to increase the participant’s independence, productivity and integration into the community while maintaining the health and welfare of the individual.


The participant is the primary decision-maker in the development of goals, and selection of supports and individual service providers. The Service Coordinator is responsible for assuring that the Service Plan is implemented appropriately and supporting the participant to become an effective self-advocate and problem solver. Together they work to develop and implement the Service Plan, which reflects the participant’s goals.

Service Coordination

Beatriz Aviles-Giannone – Manager NHTD/TBI Service Coordination

Jessice Johnson – Supervisor of NHTD/TBI Service Coordination

Martha Devaney – NHTD/TBI Service Coordination

William Decker- NHTD/TBI Service Coordinator

Arkeyla Washington – NHTD/TBI Service Coordinator

Lillian Caban – NHTD/TBI Service Coordinator