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Veterans Services

       We offer Service Coordination/Case Management to Veterans that qualify under the New York State TBI and NHTD programs. Should the Veteran have special needs such as a traumatic brain injury or post-traumatic stress disorder, KIGI will assist in addressing the very unique stressors that tend to coincide with the troubling diagnoses.  

 After several years of working with Veterans in various capacities, we at Kee to Independent Growth, Inc. have found that one important issue remains constant. That issue is navigation. Some of these include obtaining veteran benefits, accessing vocational services, and finding permanent housing. Our Service Coordinators assist not only assist in navigating, but also obtaining and maintaining services.


Some of the systems and services we can assist you with are...



  • Housing/HUD/Section 8


  • VA Benefits


  • Social Services


  • Legal Aid


  • Social Security


  • Social Services (HEAP/Food Stamps)


  • Counseling and/or Mental Health Services


  • Finding Physicians or Medical Specialists


  • Individual Life Skills Training


  • Supportive Employment


  • Environmental Modifications


  • Adaptive Equipment


  • Family Services

  • Advocacy, Linkage, and/or Referrals to all Community Services


If you need someone that can help you navigate the complicated system, we're here to help.

Please visit our home page or call our office for further information.


"To care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan."

-President Lincoln

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