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Community Integration Counseling (CIC) AND Community Psychiatric
Support and Treatment (CPST)

 CIC is an individualized service designed to assist the waiver participant to more effectively manage the emotional difficulties associated with adjusting to and living in the community from an illness or after an injury. It is a counseling service provided to a participant coping with altered abilities and skills, the need to revise long term expectations, and changed roles in relation to significant others. This service is generally provided in the participant’s home.  It is offered and provided via NYS Department of Health Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Nursing Home Transition and Diversion (NHTD)Waivers.
CPST is counseling services also provided in the home. This service is very similar; however it is offered for those suffering with mental illness, substance addiction or both via the Community Oriented Recovery Empowerment (CORE). These services are available to participants and/or anyone involved in an ongoing significant relationship with the participant.


CIC/CPST can be provided as one-to-one and/or with family members. K.I.G.I. 's CIC/CPST department providers are all licensed clinicians.  Agency clinicians provide amazing support and coping component of recovery from a substance addiction, mental health, injury, disability, illness or any combination of these. 

Counseling Services

   Nicole Miceli PhD, LMHC – Clinical Director

Brandon Barton LMHC- Clinical Director

   Michele Forte PhD, LCSW – Clinician

            Dana Smith LMSW – Clinician/ HR & Compliance Manager

    Heather V. Ault LMSW – Clinician

   Erin Smith- Clinician

    Kailyn Clapper - Clinician

Lynn Hayslett - Clinician 

Kate Miechkowski- Clinician

Rosemary Mills- Clinician

Karelyn Tischler- Clinician

Gwen Kilburn- Clinician


Nicole Miceli


Brandon Barton

Michele Forte

Dana Smith


Heather Ault

Erin Smith
Kailyn Clapper_edited.jpg
Kailyn Clapper
Lynn Hayslett

Kate Miechkowski


Rosemary Mills


Karelyn Tischler

Our Clients Say

Bronwyn S.jpg
"This CIC service helps me to define and accomplish activities and goals I set. I enjoy my time with Nicole and she helps me to remember and not repeat the mistakes I've made."

Browyn, CIC Client

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